Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO)

Experienced cybersecurity experts support our Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) services. Our experts guide your organizations to achieve improved strategic, operational, and tactical defense. We focus on measurable outcomes, ensuring skills and capabilities are developed and shared among your core teams. In addition, we ensure your business is protected with tailored risk management structures to inform your decision-making strategies.

These tailored risk management structures inform the board and senior leadership about threats to operations and overall business. These structures ensure adequate consideration of other risks: financial, legal, and reputational to better align spending and growth. In today's cybersecurity environment, organizations must consider the duality of risk: avoidance vs opportunity. Our services provide proactive incident response plans and ways to limit cyber and data breaches; ensuring situational and operational awareness of cyber effects on business.


Risk-informed approach with tailored assessment and roadmap

Our vCISO services are customized to meet your cybersecurity program objectives. We focus on testing and analyzing administrative and technical controls. Prioritized recommendations ensure actionable improvement activities to mitigate risks across your business.

A high focus on cybersecurity is essential but organizations must understand data protection and information assurance. These focus areas are often misrepresented with unknown current states of assets and data classification. A domino effect of this unawareness is increased or inadequate spending and misaligned control implementations. Defining current states through qualitative and quantitative approaches differentiates our services as we develop tailored cyber strategies.

So many unknown and diverse factors impact cost and risk

We apply qualitative and quantitative approaches to analyze data. We ensure I&T data has magnitude and direction to improve decision-making and ability to look around corners — essential to reducing risk and cost.

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Improve leadership, develop capabilities, and implement a cybersecurity strategy

We provide capabilities to obtain and use data, required for understanding where knowledge can be obtained across the technology infrastructure and what insights are essential to inform the cybersecurity risk decision-making process. We help your teams better use insights from applications and supporting infrastructure that are fundamental to developing innovative strategies that protect your financially relevant systems.

How 1GCYBER can help

1GCYBER's vCISO service gives your institution on-demand access to leadership with capabilities to obtain and stay in compliance and protect your data. We develop holistic and robust information security programs for small and large projects. In addition, we can train a cybersecurity workforce of any size to do administrative and technical work.

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Qualitative research on the importance of a skilled cybersecurity workforce is extensive. The challenge is developing a skilled workforce with the requisite knowledge, skills, and competence to protect organizations today and in the future.

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