Security of your company

Thinking about cybersecurity helps to cut through the information overload. Incorporating cybersecurity frameworks, patterns, and best practices help to create a defense in depth security paradigm. A skilled workforce helps to drive cybersecurity governance in the organization.

Obtaining cybersecurity competency for the organizational information system users

This is a cyclical process that reflects the temporal dimensions of risk and information technology change management.

The shifting landscape of threats, vulnerabilities, and countermeasures are factors that impact the development of workforce skills.

The continuous professional development must parallel the organizational economic growth to address the changing cyber landscape.

Cybersecurity Skills for Economic Development

Develop your organization's cybersecurity strategy for governance.

Analyze the current state of the workforce.

Creolize existing frameworks to level internal policies, standards, and procedures.

Intrinsically explore employee knowledge, skills, and competency to identify gaps.

Recommend a roadmap to implement changes to people, process, and technology.

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Qualitative research on the importance of a skilled cybersecurity workforce is extensive. The challenge is developing a skilled workforce with the requisite knowledge, skills, and competence to protect organizations today and in the future.

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