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We have been conducting extensive research on the current and future needs of the cybersecurity workforce. Our insights can improve your organization by assessing existing skills gaps and developing strategic governance programs.

An investment in employee skills benefits the entire organization

Many organizations neglect to recognize the tacit knowledge current employees possess over external candidates. The inability to assign a value can be measured in hard currency.

Organizational structure, continuous improvement, and skills development

A skilled cybersecurity workforce protects the organization and reduces risks. They are also capable of performing additional tasks and supporting dynamic meshed workflows.

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Employee investment is our business value

An investment in an employee is a great response to individual career growth, employee retention, and job satisfaction. The organization maintains tacit knowledge, improves competency and finds serendipity.

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Qualitative research on the importance of a skilled cybersecurity workforce is extensive. The challenge is developing a skilled workforce with the requisite knowledge, skills, and competence to protect organizations today and in the future.

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