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CompTIA certifications attest to IT infrastructure and cybersecurity knowledge, skills, and abilities. Certification represents a practitioner's expertise. Several baseline certifications are CompTIA A+, Network+, and Security+ that cover necessary enterprise skills.


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A strategy for differentiation must include workforce skills development

Exam Vouchers

Certifications server as an attestation to knowledge, skills, and abilities

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Voice and video calls One-on-one only Up to 25 participants Up to 50 participants
Cybersecurity Analytics Incident Response Risk Fundamentals Security Testing
Awareness Training Identity & Access Management Security Incident & Event Management Vulnerability & Remediation
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Linux Administration Network Administration Systems Administration Computer Security
Threat Intelligence Cyber Investigations Situational Awareness Cyber Orchestration

Organizations require diverse talent in cybersecurity roles and responsibilities

Practicioners must pursue careers with academic rigor to obtain advanced capabilities

Critical infrastructure protection requires high situational awareness

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Qualitative research on the importance of a skilled cybersecurity workforce is extensive. The challenge is developing a skilled workforce with the requisite knowledge, skills, and competence to protect organizations today and in the future.

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